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Kamal Kumar, one of the upcoming and brilliant painters of contemporary India,was born on 31 August 1981 in Pathankot (Punjab) India. He is a Civil Engineer , but his heart lies in painting and Art.

he has not have any formal training or any academic moorings in Art and Painting but he is a natural to the versatile art of painting, he has collection of almost all types of arts like Mural, Nature, Religious,Modren , Abstract ,realism wildlife, portrait and landscape and it shows his good command over all kind of brush work . Moreover his use of various types of colors like pastel, Acrylic, Poster, oil paints and water colours makes his paintings appeal to thousands of art lovers

We will see many more beautiful and tantalizing master pieces of pure art from him in Future and he is a great Indian Prospect in contemporary painting.

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I, Sanjeev Khatri ,want to make a small effort with this website. My friend Kamal Kumar, who is a Civil Engineer by profession is also an epitome of hidden talent. He is a painter of extra ordinary excellence. My purpose of forming this website is to reveal to the world about the artistic paintings of my friend and to help the connoisseurs of painting to appreciate his art. I hope that this website will be small step in to transforming my friend in to a great artist.

Sanjeev Khatri